This page is a first pass at a central store of vetted, useful resources for curriculum designers, based on feedback we receeived as part of 13 Things.  Listed below you will a summary report of all that feedback, plus some documents we think are likely to be useful for curriculum designers. 

Summaries of feedback from each Thing (PDF)
We summarised the feedback on each of the 13 Things and compiled it all into this comprehensive report.

OULDI Learn about Learning Design (DOC)
The OULDI project's introduction to what Learning Design means for them.

Aligning teaching for constructing learning (PDF)
Introduction to constructive alignment of teaching and assessment by John Biggs for the HEA.

Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of technology (HEFCE 2009) (PDF)
HEFCE's updated strategy for the use of technology in HE.  This is not a document for dipping in to and is really only useful for people with a particularly strong interest in this.  We're including it because a common motivation for curriculum redesign is to incorporate technology in more useful ways.

Writing Learning Outcomes (HEA Physical Sciences subject centre)
A useful introduction produced by the now defunct HEA Physical Sciences subject centre.

The Design Studio
This JISC website is a one-stop-shop for all JISC's work on supporting curriculum design. If you are interested in the process or policy of curriculum change you are likely to find something useful; if you are looking for subject-specific ideas this is not the resource for you.