About us

CourseTools at the Universty of Cambridge

The Course Tools Project, funded by JISC, is developing easy-to-use web tools for fast and flexible access to course information and planning at Cambridge.

For staff the project aims to make the processes of managing, updating and co-ordinating courses easier, faster, less time consuming and less risk-prone. For students benefits might include improved access to course information, individual electronic timetables, more choice and sustained freedom to pursue academic interests (e.g. via NST option choices).

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OULDI (Open University Learning Design Initiative) at the Open University

OULDI's  aim is to develop and implement a methodology for learning design composed of tools, practice and other innovation that both builds upon, and contributes to, existing academic and practioner research. Examples of some tools produced include Compendium LD and Cloudworks. The three main strands of the work: representing pedagogy, informing the design process and facilitating the sharing and discussing of designs.

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The programme is based on a model started and used by other universities and their libraries, called '23 things'. There was even a Cambridge version where Cambridge libraries took part in.
Therefore, we want to thank them for letting us reuse some of their activities and blog entries, which can also be found on their blog.