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Thing 1- Blog your interest in curriculum design
Kick-off - Inaugural meet-up
Thing 2 - Cloudworks (brought to you by OULDI)
Thing 3- Learning and Teaching Support initiative (University of Cambridge)
Thing 4- Course Map (OULDI)
Thing 5- Pedagogy Profile Widget (OULDI)
Thing 6- Bring Your Own
Halfway hall - Mid-way meet-up.
Thing 7- Phoebe
Thing 8- Compendium LD (OULDI)
Thing 9- CamTools (University of Cambridge)
Thing 10- Viewpoints
Thing 11- OpenSyllabus
Thing 12- LDSE
Thing 13- Reflections
Conclusions- Compendium Learning Design (LD)

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Chances are if you've found your way here you're probably a lecturer, course organiser, teaching committee member or in any way involved or responsible for improving or changing courses and their structure. We hope you're also interested in finding out more about Curriculum Design tools that could help you with designing and planning your courses and so on.

About the programme
This programme is called the 'CourseTools & OULDI 13 things' and is organised by the CourseTools project (part of CARET, Cambridge University) and the Open University Learning Design Initiative (OULDI). We want to offer you the possibility to explore a set of tools that could help you with curriculum design (e.g. improving teaching, planning of courses etc). These tools have been developed and used by other UK universities and this programme aims to help Cambridge University as well. The programme runs for 7 weeks from mid March until mid-May before exams. We introduce you to 13 'things', roughly two a week, and ask you to spend 20-30 min playing around with them a bit and sharing what you think. You have the time to explore the tools we are offering at your place and at your own pace, and depending on how you get on with each 'thing' you can go into as much or as little depth as you like. You would also need to be available on 3 meetups where we will discuss the programme and the tools. These meetings should not take longer than 1.5 hours, the last one will feature prizes, and we'll provide some nice food and drinks too.

Overview of the 13 things
Below you'll find a summarized overview of the 13 things which you'll get introduced to during the programme. You can find more information about them under the 'The 13 things' section on this blog.

We want you to know that some of these tools might not be finished at all. Some of them might be useful, others might be less. Some of them might be, in your opinion, quite rubbish even, and some might be great! We're really just wondering what you think of them, so that this information can be passed on in order to make it better. Therefore, it's also helpful if you're honest about the tools when blogging about them. The main reason though, is to encourage you to investigate in these tools, so that hopefully these tools would make your (and other lecturers, course organisers and so on) teaching life easier! Note that not all of the weeks and their things are already listed on this site yet. Though, at the beginning of each week, you should be able to see the things for that week on the blog.

Introduction videos
If you want to take part in the programme, but you couldn't attend the meetup, don't worry! We've made an introduction video to the programme, and also an example video on how to go about exploring the different things. We hope you find them useful.